Mark-making and Mixed Media Workshop at the Platform Gallery

Just a little peek at what we got up to this weekend at the Platform Gallery and Visitor Information Centre! What a super day….such talented creative people… thankyou for coming everyone!

Watch out for new workshop dates! Hoping to run one of these in Lancaster very soon!

Will keep you posted!

Lovely feed back from participants … 

“The mark marking workshop was a great experimental session, which took us back to the very basics of creative practice, reminiscent of art and design in my youth. The tools we created were made out of recycled goods and became fun tools to use in a range of methods and processes. A full day of experimentation in a perfect location and environment with lots of inspirational chats, tea and biscuits.”

Cheryl-Ann Glover
Cardinal Newman College

“Thank you…. for the course yesterday. I really enjoyed it, and am pleased to have not only ideas for future uses of the techniques but also some pieces to work into!”

Pamela Burrow



One thought on “Mark-making and Mixed Media Workshop at the Platform Gallery

  1. This is torture to me in snow country (Canada). Please take pity on us and set up an ecourse for the rest of us who love your talent but can’t fly over there. Mouth watering!

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