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Paper, Wire & Stitch Course

Thursdays 31st October – 5th Dec (5 weeks)

  1.00 -3.00pm

£59 per person including most materials

During the course Priscilla will take you on a journey of discovery, experimenting and exploring the endless possibilities of working with a lots of different of materials.

The aim of this course is to explore using a mixed media approach enabling your creativity to flow in a variety of new and exciting ways.

You will explore how to colour, paint and wax papers creating a variety of grounds to develop from 2D into 3D using wire, stitch and heat techniques to create a variety of textured surfaces producing a finished piece or range of experimental surfaces.


Brewery Arts Centre


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One thought on “Paper, Wire & Stitch Course

  1. Priscilla dear
    Why oh why do you have to be so far away.
    Just, just, just starting to emerge from self imposed hibernation and thinking of starting again and would love to come but far too far away.

    Life continues to be hell without Mark and I am coming up to the one year and it’s still as if it was yesterday. However have made a new arty friend who is the wife of a drinking pal of Mark’s and have just been showing her how to do Batik and she loved it so maybe that will spur me on.

    Are you EVER this way? If so please let me know as would simply love to meet you again.

    Lots and lots of love
    Brenda xxxx

    Sent from my iPad

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