Featuring Priscilla Jones, Kirsten Jones & Alice Mulvany

22nd January  to 28th May 2017

10 – 10pm Monday to Sunday

Pizza Margherita

2 Moor Lane




Mixed Media Mark-making

Drawing Tools 72 dpi

Drawing 1. 72dpi

Drawing 2. 72dpi

You will spend the day creating a range of your own drawing tools and then use these to make a series of mixed media collages and drawings.

The aim of the workshop is to explore and experiment using mark making techniques so you can be playful, free up your drawing skills, push the boundaries and beyond! We will discover the delights of making marks on a variety of papers with different pigments and explore how using bleach can totally transform them.

Monday May 26th 2014

10.00-4pm pm

£60 per person with a lovely lunch included


Venue Central Hebden Bridage

To book your place email Priscilla at or call 07816 886522